Design Philosophy


All great designs can only be created by carefully listening to my client's needs and desires. Even if they are not able to articulate their thoughts in a design orientated manner, the Client intimately knows what is important to them and they all have desires to how they would like to enjoy their new outdoor environment.   So a good designer must check their ego at the door and not overly push their own personal desires or agenda onto the Client and their design.   The direction of each of AMS's customized design is directed by the Clients wants, goals, and of course budget.  Therefore, AMS Landscape Design Studios cannot be defined by a single landscape style. My job is to understand how my clients want to live and create a partnership with them. This partnership, and excellent communication, ensures that the design and all related components and spaces are customized for the client down to the last square inch. By entering into a "design partnership" with his clients, Drew elicits their ideas and dreams for indoor and outdoor living. The more I understand how my clients want to live, as well as the materials and style of their home, the more I can bring that same expression into their landscape. 

"At AMS we create outdoor environments that express, in every detail, the homeowner's visual sensibilities, culture, taste and lifestyle. Every nuance - from the shadow cast by a tree to the sound of water moving through a stone stream bed - is considered. Every visual and atmospheric detail is critical... My design is not truly complete until the last stone, plant, or garden feature is in place and my client is happy."  Drew Sivgals

"The residential landscape is much more than decorative. It is an extension of the homeowner's taste and lifestyle, the residence's architecture and interior design, and the many roles of outdoor living - entertaining, relaxation, contemplation and recreation. Landscape is an integral part of the home - it extends the sight lines and boundaries of rooms and unleashes the limits of imagination."
Drew Sivgals, AMS Landscape Design Studio.

To each landscape concept, Drew Sivgals and his design team bring extraordinary vision, creativity and experience. After he earned his Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (BLA) degree from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Drew has traveled and studied extensively in Europe and Australia, continually expanding his knowledge of both historic and contemporary design. He spent a year in Australia completing courses at the University of Canberra and graduate level courses at the University of Melbourne. Drew was also awarded an internship with Walt Disney Imagineering where he worked on a variety of theme park projects, including Tokyo Disney Seas and Disney's California Adventure. Additionally, he has worked on large commercial and custom home developments and community master planning projects such as Crystal Cove, Turtle Ridge and Playa Vista.

As a full member of the American Society of Landscape Architects, as well as being involved with the Residential Landscape Design Professional Interest Network, Drew Sivgals shall ensure that every project and corresponding design meet or exceed its strict standards and by laws.

Drew Sivgals has received honors from both the American Society of Landscape Architects (Award of Honor) and the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (Award of Merit).

Please call Drew at AMS Landscape Design Studios for a complimentary initial consultation to discuss your site and landscape design hope and goals.